Plant Upgrades/Capital Projects

Plant upgrades and capital retrofit projects usually require training on the newly installed equipment. In most cases, this equipment interacts with existing plant systems, making the operational and maintenance characteristics of the plant change.

Major equipment vendor training, which has long been used to fulfill these training needs does not always meet the needs of the Owner’s plant personnel. This is because the equipment vendors only address their equipment and not the tie-ins with the other equipment and systems.

Who will provide the information on the smaller skids and equipment? Who will explain how the whole project operates together in an integrated manner with the rest of the plant?

Tri-Tech Will!

Let Tri-Tech provide a turn-key Training Package for the new equipment. This includes:

  • Training Manual – site specific including your controls and tie-ins to existing plant systems
  • Operating Procedures
  • Classroom Instruction
  • OJT Program
  • Testing