Aging Workforce

A widening of the knowledge and skill gap is a very common situation plants over 25 years old are experiencing. Many plants had low personnel attrition for many years after the plant was commissioned and therefore were not bringing in younger new hires. Now faced with normal retirement, a gap has been created where there are very few in the middle to replace the experience being lost due to retirement.

The greatest challenge in reducing or preventing the potential problems associated with this situation is the capture of the knowledge that is retained by the soon-to-retire personnel. There is a large amount of information necessary to run the plant smoothly that is contained within the most experienced personnel at the site.

The issue most plants have is much of that knowledge is poorly documented and therefore may never properly find its way into training material, operating procedures, etc.

Tri-Tech has extensive experience documenting existing plants where little material previously exists. This may include developing Training Manuals, Operating Procedures, OJT and eLearning.

This is achieved through detailed plant data collection. Most importantly, we spend time on shift with your experienced personnel gaining a mutual respect for a common goal.