New Hire and Refresher Training

As the work force age gap increases, so does the training gap presented by this evolution. New hires, from trade schools, high school, college, or job transfers are brought on to the staff and must be trained and qualified to perform their duties. In addition, existing plant personnel, racking up years of work experience without any retraining, is all too commonplace. With this in mind, it is a challenge to afford to train new hires as they come on the work force, while keeping their existing staff up to date and fresh.

Since no site is the same or no staff is the same, Tri-Tech has always approached each project with individuality. There is no one size fits all solution. Tri-Tech has the experience to work with you and your personnel to design, build, and implement a solution which fosters the greatest payback of the investment, both financially and with their personnel.

Our staff has worked with countless projects that design solutions that meet specific needs. These solutions include a structured On-the-Job training program, self-study training material, and instructor-led training.

While eLearning (computer based) cannot entirely replace other methods of training, this technology has rapidly become commonplace for many plants. The training platforms are easier to use and if properly developed are effective in training the newly-hired work force.

Using a customized combination of these techniques and methods, the plant can maximize their results and reduce financial impact compared to traditional methods alone.