Site-Specific Training

Quality, site-specific training is the fastest and most effective way to train a group of personnel. Tri-Tech combines well-qualified instructors with the latest techniques in classroom and field instruction to provide some of the best training in the industry.

Tri-Tech’s site-specific training programs are uniquely structured to present highly technical information in an understandable manner. This begins with a classroom review of applicable fundamental topics, followed with an incremental progression of plant-specific technical material. This approach enables our students to comprehend and retain information through the process of knowledge gained, not knowledge by memory.

The Training Manuals are developed specifically for your plant equipment and systems. Your exact configuration, controls, tag numbers and operating logic are provided.

Extensive use of illustrations and photographs help Trainees bridge the gap between the technical information in the text and the physical equipment. Color, simplified flow diagrams provide a “stepped” approach to learning more complex systems.

During on-site instruction, there is a blend of formal classroom training and plant walkdowns.

“It is not enough to know HOW tasks are properly performed, personnel should understand WHY they are performed that way.”