Plant Documentation

All newly constructed plants require documentation to support its operation and maintenance. In addition, your facility may require additional documentation to comply with federal and local regulatory issues, as well as corporate policies. For existing facilities, your plant's operation, maintenance, and policies should be well documented to capture as much experience and knowledge as possible from seasoned personnel.

Tri-Tech is experienced at developing most types of plant documentation and always develops material specifically for YOUR site. We routinely work with the engineering companies on plants for new construction. But we are also very experienced working with existing personnel to get the information needed to develop good documentation and procedures.

Listed below are several of the more requested items we develop. Please contact us to discuss your needs!

  • System Descriptions - SDs are most often developed as part of a Training Manual. They describe the flow path, major equipment, and controls and operation of each system.
  • Operating Procedures - OPs are developed either as part of a Training Manual, or as standalone procedures (Standard Operating Procedures). They provide step-by-step guides to the operation of your plant's systems and equipment.
  • PM Procedures - Provide step by step instructions for the performance of plant Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Tasks identified in the PM Program. These procedures may also be incorporated into your CMMS.
  • Lockout/Tagout - We can develop LOTO (or Control of Hazardous Energy) procedures for your plant's equipment to comply with OSHA 1910.147. These can be in any format to fit your plant's LOTO program or CMMS.
  • Emergency Action Plan - Your facility is required to have an EAP per OSHA 1910.157. We can help develop this site-specific plan.
  • Policies and Procedures - Tri-Tech has experience developing new policy standards, and documenting existing facility practices.