OJT Programs

Classroom training is primarily Knowledge-based training. It is generally instructed in a formal classroom setting, with field visits included to emphasis the material. On-the-Job Training (OJT) is skills-based training, emphasizing hands-on application of the knowledge gained in the classroom. When a combination of classroom training, OJT, and actual experience is brought together, plant personnel become qualified to perform their duties.

Traditionally, OJT was accomplished by most plants through an informal process..."Hey Joe, let me show you how to start that pump." While this method works over time, there is no way to ensure consistency and document who has been trained on what.

This is solved by developing a site-specific, structured OJT program.

Tri-Tech develops OJT Programs with the following components:

  • OJT Administration Guide - Provides instructions for administering the program and includes the completion summaries.
  • OJT Checklists - Used by the Administrator in the field to record the performance of each OJT task by the employee
  • OJT Evaluation Guide - For each task in the OJT Checklist, guidelines are provided to help ensure consistent evaluation of employees, even between multiple Administrators.