Tri-Tech Advantage

Why choose Tri-Tech over another company who provides similar services?
Tri-Tech practices a unique, proven business model and project management approach that produces success for our customers while maintaining competitive pricing. How do we do it?

Tri-Tech maintains a relatively flat organization. By employing only highly-skilled, motivated team members, each of our staff is capable of project management, technical development, and instruction. All of our employees have 25+ years of experience in the industry. No one working on your project will be “in training”. Tri-Tech does not require a start-up curve. Our extensive electronic library from previous projects allows Tri-Tech to keep our costs lower and hit the ground running on your project.

Tri-Tech does not employ a direct marketing staff and has not advertised its services within the industry. Based on follow-on and repeat business from our ever-growing list of satisfied customers, we remain very stable and are proud of obtaining work through word-of-mouth references. We encourage you to contact ANY of our previous customers, not just a “partial list of satisfied customers”.