Federal Building Personnel

In accordance with the Federal Building Personnel Training Act 2010 (FBPTA), core competencies must be mastered by personnel performing building operation and maintenance, energy management, sustainability, water efficiency, safety, building performance measures, and design functions.

According to the Act, “Training requirements under this section shall apply to non-Federal personnel… A contractor shall provide training to, and certify the demonstration of core competencies for non-Federal personnel in a manner that is approved by the Administrator.”

Tri-Tech has been following this act as it has progressed through the legislature. We have examined the core competencies and can help both Federal and Non-Federal personnel master these competencies, specifically in the technical areas of O&M Building Systems, Efficiency, and Safety.

Our Continuous Education Units (offered under the ANSI / IACET accreditation) provide a means for your personnel to take and track coursework, maintain a level of expertise, and ensure that the Federal Buildings are in accordance with industry best practices and standards.