Our Commitment

Many companies claim to have a "Commitment to Excellence." Tri-Tech puts this statement into action and proves it, project after project. Since Tri-Tech began in 1995, we have taken the best practices from the many years of technical and management experience by our principals and team members and formed a successful approach for offering our services.

We also rejected many traditional business practices that we felt worked against completing projects successfully. For example, we have no sales people or a "marketing department". Your project’s team members who will be responsible for developing and delivering your customized solution are the best people to offer you a presentation of our services. This way, you will not get vague sales promises, but solid answers to your questions on the spot.

Our staff of full time employees each have 25+ years of experience in the industry. They are each plant experienced, professional developers and instructors, and work well with management, engineering, and operations and maintenance personnel equally. Remember, no matter how big a company is, it always comes down to the individuals providing the services for your project.

Our "commitment to our customers" is the proven method for Tri-Tech to market our services, grow as a company, and share our experience with new customers. Delivering high-quality work while exceeding expectations has allowed Tri-Tech to achieve our solid reputation for getting the job done right. No advertisement can replace a reputation for success that has been earned from simply assuring our customers’ satisfaction.