The industry is being challenged with a huge change in its workforce. Aging employees are retiring and taking a wealth of knowledge with them. Power plants are racing to train employees to fill their positions at the same time their operating budgets have been tightened. In most cases, Tri-Tech's recommendation to our customers is a "blended learning" approach, including instructor-led training, On-the-Job training (OJT), and computer-based training options. Computer-based training, or "eLearning", can be delivered by computer via CD/DVD, intranet, internet, or wireless. It is especially useful when classroom instruction is impractical or untimely, and its cost is significantly lower.

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There are many benefits of eLearning:

  • The lessons are available 24/7/365.
  • It can be started, stopped, and resumed at the student's convenience.
  • The lesson material is presented consistently to every student.
  • Students learn more by being exposed to interactions, videos, exercises, audio, and quizzes.
  • Our eLearning lessons are highly interactive, requiring the student's input to progress through the material.
  • Our eLearning lessons can be easily and inexpensively updated, thereby ensuring the lessons cover your facility's current equipment configuration.
  • Student transcripts, including lesson completion and quiz scores, can be managed with your facility's Learning Management System (LMS).